All performers usually get two songs. 

Each performer will choose a first half card or a second half card on a first come first serve basis. On the reverse of the card will be their playing position number.

Please show integrity when choosing these cards.

We can cater for a maximum of 15 performers. On special occasions we may start the night earlier in order to accommodate more performers.

All performance slots are 12 minutes long, enough for introductions and two songs. Please  ensure that you keep to this time limit. If you attempt to book a spot and find that we are full you will be offered a guaranteed spot the following club night.

In the interests of fairness the club does not support encores, particularly with the last performer of the night as we have to adhere to a fixed finishing time. Also, during the night there are always other performers who would deserve an encore but do not get the opportunity as they are not playing last. No point in shouting  "MORE!"

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