Sandpiper Folk Club


1. The club shall be known as The Sandpiper Folk Club - hereafter known as "the Sandpiper".

2. The Club shall be run as a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the provision of live entertainment, to include  Traditional Folk, Modern Acoustic Popular music , Blues and singer/songwriters and Poets, creating a forum for the celebration of our musical, cultural diversity and heritage.

3. The Committee shall consist of three positions. Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Two of these posts may be combined if required.

4. There is no fixed term of office, but continuation in post is subject to an annual vote of confidence by the other Committee members.

6. The Club will be open on alternate Wednesday evenings at the Pigot Arms in Pattingham.

7. This Constitution will be published on the Club's website.

Music Policy

8. Whilst having at its heart the desire to preserve the acoustic folk music tradition. The club will seek to include music, poetry and musicians from a broad spectrum of genres, whether that be Traditional Folk, Modern acoustic popular music, and Blues.

9. One member of the committee (The "Secretary") will be responsible for the booking of artists and payment where required.

10. The judgement of the MC on a Club night shall be regarded as final.

11. There will be four events during the year for registered charities. Three dates to be arranged during the year and the last Club night (Christmas Party).


12. The Committee will be responsible for the organisation of the Club.

13. The Committee will receive no remuneration in return for their services to the club, although they will be entitled to claim for approved out of pocket expenses.

Financial Policy

14. The Club will aim to break even. It is not run to make a profit. There will be a contingency fund to cover any repairs, maintenance or replacements of technical equipment and to guarantee commitments to the following year.

15. Entry fees to club nights and guest events will be reviewed as and when appropriate.

16. The Club funds will be held in the Treasurer's account at Lloyds Bank. The signatories will be drawn from the Committee.

17. The income and expenditure of the club will be monitored by the committee.

Dissolution of the Club

18. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets (including cash in hand / at bank) shall be distributed as determined by a Special Meeting of the Committee. Such distribution will, however, be limited to the following:
a) Settlement of any outstanding liabilities
b) Donations to Registered Charities

Date of Adoption and Implementation

This Constitution was formally agreed and implemented by the Committee at a meeting on 04/01 / 2018 and is effective immediately.

The existence of this Constitution was announced to the Sandpiper Club at the Club night on 24 /01 /2018 and will be posted on the Club's website in due course.

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